About Hillwood Park

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I'm Tim Johns, and I founded Hillwood Park in early 2023, to work on Epic Road Trip Planner.

For several years, my extended family had been planning to get together in Montana, in rememberence of my father, who grew up there, and used to tell us great stories about Montana from the 40's and 50's.

Each of us four kids are now grown adults, many with families of our own, and are scattered around the U.S. leading busy lives. Coordinating this get-together has been part fun, part challenge, and part stress. For me, this was really an opportunity for yet another epic road trip. I LOVE a good road trip, and tend to embrace a certain level of spontenaity. The trick when there are multiple folks involved, however, is to make sure everyone knows who's going to be where, when, and what we're going to be doing, so that one person's spontenaity doesn't turn into another person's stressful lack of communication.

I started looking around for an app to help, and nothing really "clicked" for me. No one had a simple, online app that I could use to plan and coordinate this thing, so I decided to combine my passion for roadtripping with the need to address super-simple low-overhead planning and communication. At about the same time, I had a bit of an "ah ha!" moment when I discovered that ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence technology had reached a "critical mass", and I could now not only help solve some classic planning and coordination problems, but I could also add in an always-available virtual real-time road trip concierge!

And so I created Epic Road Trip Planner, and I hope it can help take the coordination and real-time travel stress out of YOUR next epic road trip as well.

Let's GO!